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    3. Business Unit

      Aftermarket Operations

      Our aftermarket team helps you maximize uptime and improve performance in drilling and marine operations around the globe. We are your partner for the full life cycle of your rig equipment.

      Service you can trust

      We provide comprehensive aftermarket product and service solutions for our rig, marine, and construction equipment, which is located on thousands of drilling rigs and offshore vessels around the world. We offer the broadest range of integrated service and support in the energy industry, and, as the original equipment manufacturer, we use our in-depth product expertise and technical know-how to help you keep your fleets running safely and efficiently.

      Learn about our exclusive up-to-date training courses we offer as original equipment manufacturers.

      Interested in a Fleet Care Solution?

      To learn more about how our Fleet Care programs leverage multiple services to deliver value and meet customer objectives, contact us at [email protected].