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    3. Working at NOV

      Become part of a global team developing innovative solutions in a dynamic industry.

      Drive Your Own Career Path

      We pride ourselves on a company culture that enables employees to drive their own career paths within the company based on their passions and interests. It's why we seek to hire individuals with a strong work ethic who eagerly accept challenges and consistently deliver results. Empowering our employees is our first step to delivering world-class products and services.

      The Candidate Experience

      We value every individual who wants to join our global community of innovators, and we care about your candidate experience. That's why at NOV we commit to keeping every prospective job candidate informed throughout the recruitment process. When you submit an application to our team, you can expect to receive open and honest communication throughout your candidate experience with NOV.

      Apply for a job
      A group of rig trainers reference a guide while observing rig equipment

      We Power Your Potential

      We support your career growth and believe in ensuring you have the right tools to build a career within NOV. Whether it's through instructor-led trainings, technical programs, online trainings, or partnerships with local universities, we encourage employees to continuously challenge themselves to learn more about our diverse company and the industry in which we operate.

      Four rig workers discuss tactics while examining a drill pipe connection on a rig

      Diversity at NOV

      We recognize that seeking candidates with diverse perspectives facilitates our innovation as the oil and gas industry continuously evolves. By embracing our differences, we ensure that every individual has a voice in the company, empowering our employees to share new ideas and developments that help us deliver the highest-quality products and services.

      Explore NOV

      NOV is aware of a scam involving fraudulent job offers. Please be advised that NOV never requests payment as part of the employment process and any job offer that requires payment is likely a scam. If you have received a fraudulent offer, please disregard and do not disclose any personal or financial information to them. Note: we only accept applications submitted through this website. Materials sent via email or social media are immediately deleted and not reviewed. You can view positions we currently have open to external candidates by using the search tools on this page.