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    3. More Decisive Downhole Drilling

      Improved drilling time and reduced drill bit repair costs

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      Preserving Lost Energy

      Up to 80% reduced power consumption on a rig in active heave compensation mode

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      NOV combines RSS with resistivity capabilities for real-time LWD

      VectorZIEL Mark II RSS with integrated symmetric propagation resistivity tool delivers superior LWD measurements.

      Learn more
      01 More Decisive Downhole Drilling
      02 Preserving Lost Energy
      03 NOV combines RSS with resistivity capabilities for real-time LWD

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      With a focus on bringing you the highest returns while ensuring your safety and operational efficiency, our equipment, technologies, and expertise leverage more than 175 years of reliability with the digital transformation to ensure you're supported from your earliest project concepts to first oil, completion, and beyond.

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